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Who’s got an xbox 360 live an is awesome at black ops and can teach something new.?


I’m a 2nd prestige and lever 27. Kinda need some help though

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  1. well. im amazing at black ops myself. lol but lately ive been going back to halo because blacks ops is really starting to piss me of. ill always knife first and he kills me? how does that work? but ive found that people that camp in random corners around the map always kills me, but when they’re in a high concentrated area they most likely get killed. just practice practice practice man. thats all i can really say. personally i dont have the patience to camp, i am always running and gunning. wether its with a lmg or a sniper, im always moving, and it works for me

    gt: MWM BEAST

  2. i need help too,and the multiplayer lag often,i shot first and be killed first all the time and i aim good!

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