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Why can’t i connect to xbox live?


Yesterday i was on xbox live until about 8 o’clock playing live with a friend until he unexpectedly got disconnected. When he can back he said he had had the new update, which i haven’t gotten yet. We proceeded to play online with two different dashboard versions running and had the same results. I told him that i should just download it and get it over with so i tried activating the Facebook app for xbox and it gave me the live update. It downloaded the prolog and reset and half way through its full download said it could not connect to the internet and stopped downloading. I reset my xbox and the new update was there. As soon as I went to play my disk it disconnected me from live. Now i can not sign into live and I’m directly connected to my modern and I’ve set, reset and done everything i know about my xbox to fix it. What do i do?

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  1. Did a thing pop up asking you to “accept terms of use” or something like that? If not, that could be why, esp. since you said it stopped. I heard that some people were able to accept the terms of use online and then were fine to log in.

    Besides that, even some who have completely finished the update (and accpeted terms of use) are having issues it seems. Microsoft is supposed to be working on it.

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