Home Playstation Forum why does my gun dissapear in bf3? any fix? ps3?

why does my gun dissapear in bf3? any fix? ps3?


This glitch is very game breaking and annoying. This only happens to my piece of * called a ps3. I haad a copy on my 360 but it was a rental. So i got it on ps3 since online is free and my xbl member ship ran out. But im regretting it because the ps3 is * and not the xbox. I’m not a fanboy im just stating the facts. Is there a fix? my gun disappears and i can’t use it at all.

The sound also cuts out. This is pissing me off and making me regret trading my ipod for this piece of * of a ps3. Atleast i able to play mw3 online with no dissappearing gun that is what is keeping me from regretting it to much.

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  1. To me you are sounding like a fanboy, as for the glitches they are not game breaking what so ever, only some places there is sound delay for me but I don’t care for that since I listen to music while playing, the only time about the gun not showing up is for only few seconds then it shows up. It seems to me you have no patience and you could tell Dice that there is a problem cause they do mostly listen. Try to stay calm.

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