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Why is MW3 on my ps3 so laggy?


When I play single player games my ps3 runs fine but now in about the past 6 months my ps3 has gotten so laggy on both black ops and MW3. I’ve called comcast but they just want me to buy something for wireless devices even though it’s laggy on a wired connection. When I called sony I took there advice by turning Media Server connection off and and updating the system. That didn’t work one bit. What I mean by lagging is in almost every game my team mates as well as the enemies will be skipping steps and when I shoot directly at the enemies I can’t get a hit marker so I have to spray all around them to try and figure out where they actually are. The lag happens when i play with friends and when I’m not in a party. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG! My router is netgear and it cost about $160 so it wasn’t cheap.

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  1. Mm that happen to me it’s probably your Internet connection or maybe your game is scratch try cleaning it and add me I’ll help you out my name tagg is yeahbuddyy18 tell me it’s you so I can accept you.

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