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WWE ’13 – Review


WWE '13 - Review


  1. no wwe wrstlemaniia 19 caw is the best there was is and ever will be but 13 deserves a 9 rating

  2. I agree with you but for reviews they need to be fair and not bias, But I give it a 9 also ..

  3. yeah plus its the first WWE game to have an accurate WWE roster, past games always had the couple guys who are in but aren't with WWE (asside from the Dvias in the game, only 2 of them are in the WWE but I think its safe to say no one really cares about the divas)

  4. I like the fluidity of the game and I both disagree & agree with the reviewer. I don't feel like I'm watching more than fighting like older WWE games on PS2 but I do agree on plastic looking characters, Personally I miss the momentum indicators from 2010 & 2011 since the way 13 does it I never really know how close I am to a signiture

  5. dfor wrestlings fans that more than enough reason, I bought it for that PLUS never played WWE 12

  6. When you create your wrestlers u can give him as much stats u want. but u can only get him up to 6 abilities like (high flying, strong throw, etc) and the stats go by what weight class your wrestler is. Like a super heavy weight can be very strong and grapple any one but he wouldnt be fast at all he'll be real slow. But a light heavy weight u can make them real fan and high flying like Rey Mysetrio but he wont be that strong. So i just created a brunch of different kinda of people

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