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Xbox 360 Button Problem?



I click my Xbox power button and it doesn’t click it’s like mushy, hard to describe. But the main problem is it won’t start. The AV cord and power cord are both plugged in.

How do I fix this problem?

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  1. well the first thing you can try is to turn it on by pressing the silver X(xbox button ) that’s located on the top middle part of the controller. Just hold that button for 3 seconds and point the controller at your console, and it should start, same thing can be done with your 360 remote.

    If you really need to fix it here’s what you can try

    First take off your faceplate and check out where the button thing is and see if it’s alright or it’s stuck.

    If it still doesn’t work just give microsoft a call and they can help you out on the phone and unluckily if not they can repair it for you. i don’t think it will cost much. it will be free if you are still in your warranty, but if your not , as again you’ll only have to pay a small fee.

    Hopes this helped if you want more info off me i can help you with fixing it just reply back to me.

  2. try pushing the disc drive button to start it up. or u could pry the front casing off. it kinda just clicks off and then try to find wats wrong with the button

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