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Xbox 360 official magazine?


When I got my 360 I sent in this thing that said I can get I free issue of the magazine. Now I got this thing called an Invoice saying I owe them for the 12 issues. On the thing it said once I get the free 1st one I can put cancel on the bill but there is no cancel on this invoice thing. Do I wait until the first issue?

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  1. contact where you got the 360, because it should come witht the purchase of the console. you shouldn’t be charged for it.

  2. lol Same thing happened with me. I thought hey 1 free issue. Anyway the free issue came and then a day or 2 days later another issue came with a bill for 12 issues. I had to call them and I told them I want to cancel, and that I just tried the free issue and did not want any more. They canceled it, so I suggest you call them.

  3. There should be a number to call on the invoice to cancel your subscription. You can wait to do it after you get your first magazine. They usually don’t send anymore after the free one until you pay the bill, but I would call to be sure.

    It’s a great magazine, I’ve been a subscriber for 5 years and bought them at the retail store before that. It has been in business for around 7 years and probably would have closed up shop if people didn’t think it was worth reading. They also have a podcast on iTunes and Zune marketplace and a website [url is not allowed] if you don’t want to spend the money for a magazine subscription.

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