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Xbox 360 Slim Unboxing (Gamestop Refurbished)


Xbox 360 Slim Unboxing (Gamestop Refurbished)


  1. bought a 360 for 20 bucks at my neighbors garage sale. works fine. came with a controller w/o batteries or HDMI. but all's good. have plenty from my One s.

  2. Hey guys, I need some advice. I found a nice deal on gamestop where I get a refurbished 360 Slim 4GB. It comes with GTA 5, Halo 4, and Skyrim, and it even comes with a 250GB HDD! All for $80. Now I know it's the age of the PS4 and Xbone, but I don't have enough money to buy those now. So I'm planning on getting an old 360 and wait till April 2017 till I can afford a new PS4. So what do you think? Should I go for it? It should keep me busy for a while because I heard Xbox has a BIG library of games. here's the link: http://www.gamestop.com/xbox-360/consoles/xbox-360-s-4gb-refurbished-blast-from-the-past-system-bundle-with-120gb-internal-hard-drive/126015#reviews. Tell me if it's worth it!

  3. I got a gamestop refurbished slim too! It has a matte finish, a 250gb hard drive, and even came with a rechargeable battery and play n charge kit. (The battery was faulty) ):

  4. i got my refurbished xbox360 s with a glossy finish and fake chrome sides with a turtle beach sticker on the top of it

  5. man game stop fuck me up man they gave me a xbox 360 the gears of war edition they gave me a white controller and they gave me gta iv burn up disk I was fucking man

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