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Xbox 360 vs. PS3? What should I get? Also what games?


I’ve been saving up for a while because my sister took our wii to college with her and I need something new (also the wii is kind of lame).I’m not sure what I should get. From what friends have told me the gameplay on Xbox is generally better but PS3 has the free Internet connection? What should I get and what are the staple games I need. I’m thinking I want Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3 but I’m not sure about FIFA.I know it’s like the one game you kind of have to get but I’m a girl who is way more into sailing than football; is it worth me getting? Also I might get the newer Uncharted but I’m not sure. Also do you have any recommendations for 3rd person shooters?

Just what console and what games do you recommend?

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  1. Iv had both, a 360 for 4 years but I got rid of it when I had to replace it for the 3rd time. I now have a ps3, they are both very good consoles and are simular but I prefer the ps3 cos its more reliable, comes with a blu ray player built in and has free online play but the best thing is the exclusive games, iv just played killzone 3 which is like cod but its better and only on ps3, so is uncharted, ratchet and clank, sly, heavy rain, resistance, the last of us, god of war. These are just a few and they are all brilliant. The xbox has a better online experiance but you pay 40quid for it. Im going to stay with playstation

  2. I have a ps3. I love it but what I hate is that xbox Gets everything first on call of duty.

    Ps3 Is cool but just get xbox360 it’s awsome.

    The only thing I hate about xbox is that you have to pay other than that I would buy it.

  3. It depends on what your friends have, if your friends have xbox, you’d be better getting that, playing with friends is much more fun, also, id just get a second hand one, because new xboxs and playstations are coming out at the end of this year.

  4. Ps3 same price but u don’t have to pay for live and u can charge the controller when u play unlike change battery’s

  5. I really like my ps3 and its much cheaper than the Xbox. Bu if you’re a real gamer and get into and play your games a lot, I suggest you get a Xbox.

  6. I have an Xbox and dont mind paying for Xbox Live as it is so fun. I play Call of Duty and always have done. Servers and connection is great on Xbox. I would go for an Xbox360 if I were you!

  7. PS3. Better system in my opinion, free multiplayer and you don’t need batteries for your controller. Games you should get is God of War all three games, Call of Duty games of course lol and Batman 1&2

  8. You can get 95% of games on both consoles so the ganeplay is no better on either side. Your gonna get alot of mixef answers by “fan boys” on here who think one is ultimate over the other. Ive had both consoles and both haves ups and downs. If i was you id watch a couple reviews on youtube to decide but imo id say ps3 is best

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  10. Simple

    They match evenly except cost

    Xbox is more and you have to pay for online

    Ps3 is free online and cheaper and is a blu ray player

    I got my ps3 on that alone

    Blu ray players are expensive so why not get a ps3 and it’s like a two for one

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