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xbox live acting up – help?


ok, tonight i was playing xbox with my friend and after a while i kept getting kicked from his party and games for no reason. It was also laggy and choppy gameplay, i also restarted my router and it didnt change anything. He was not kicking me because he got kicked from the games i was hosting too.

What is going on?

Also, if you answer my question refering to microsoft or xbox sucks i will count your post as spam.

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  1. Well as for the xbox live party thing it does that to me and my friends all the time so nothing is really wrong there as long as your NAT is open when you test your xbox live connection. As for the game it depends on what game you are playing. If it was an EA sports game and both of you were lagging out it was the EA servers. Any other games it could have been their own servers.

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