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Zoo Tycoon – PC Game Review – brutalmoose


Zoo Tycoon - PC Game Review - brutalmoose


  1. I used to play this game on my DS and then got the 2013 Xbox game oh the nostalgia

  2. you should check out Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis its a blast and im sure you will love it

  3. Lmao I had Fish Tycoon for the DS and it was actually fun. You owned a fish store and bred fish.

    I always sold goldfish for $9,999,999 and it worked if you only had one fish for sale.

  4. Is it just me or was that sound effect he played when Zootopia popped up from LEGO Soccer?

  5. When are you gonna get into Railroad Tycoon 2 for Dreamcast? I grew up with that one.

  6. We Bought A Zoo, was a pretty retarded movie, I'm sure Ian's zoo will be more entertaining.

  7. I bursted out laughing at the animals going loose lmao. I love how they animated the little park visitor's bodies getting dangled around by bears and wolves and tigers lmao. Just that extra detail makes it even MORE hilarious to let everyone in the game die.

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