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Ark Survival Evolved (Revisited) – Worthabuy?


Ark Survival Evolved (Revisited) - Worthabuy?


  1. worst ark review ever, as someone who has put over 1k hours into ark i can tell you everything this guy said is nonsense, if your dying when you spawn its cause you dont know what your doing, taming is pretty simple once you know how to follow the kibble tree ( oh wait you didnt mention the kibble tree cause you dont know jack) there is an order to taming dinos you start of with the smaller simple dinos dodo's/dilo's then when you have a few of each you start collecting there eggs, make kibble with those eggs, dodo kibble will tame you a ptera fast and dilo kibble will tame ankly's/dodics/pachy's then you use those eggs to tame the corresponding dino's and so forth thats enough about taming….

    now on the state of the game anyone can tell you that ark has improved 110% since its release into EA , most major bugs/glitches have been fixed.

    your review is trash and i really hope people dont believe a word you said, yes the game has some small issues especially as of lately but all in all its a great game well worth the money spent, this game will definetly get you hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay, so please no one listen to this jackass seen a couple of his reviews and all he does is talk bad about almost everything……

  2. Sounds like DayZ except there you waste 2 hours running around looking for food and then die of hypothermia cause you literally can't do anything about it.

  3. Spot on review, I've been playing with some friends on a private server and we had to increase the taming speed by a lot. We all work for a living and don't have 6 to 15 hours to tame the big dinos, its just stupid that it takes so long.

    We also had to get rid of the fucking birds. Why would they swoop down and eat glass jars or metal!? They should only be able to eat food on you. Bad decision by the devs.

    I have an intel 5960k, gtx 1080 and 64 gb ram, but the game runs like shit. If I turn the option down a tab I get too man frames and get screen tearing, but then there is no vsync so I either have to run the game at less than 60 fps or go over with horrible screen tearing. If I enable vsync via console commands I get memory leak issues and the game will crash within an hour. Piece of garbage game.

    I have had fun with it, I wont lie. Not everything is bad, but the bad here way outweighs the good. I seriously would not have bought it if I knew it had such bad technical problems. Also the UI looks like it was made by a child.

  4. This game is not made for people that have any kind of life.. or you have to have a ton of friends… or else any asshole can come along and destroy your base and kill all your dinos…. sooo I gave up on this… Everytime you go to bed go to work come back to relax just to find everything is gone.. and well playing solo gets boring fast

  5. me and my friend played about 40-50 hours and we stopped playing for like 2 days and when we came back all are shit was fucked up. Uninstalled it and haven't played it again don't care. Fuck ARK

  6. The game is so easy it's a joke, the only challenge is not offing yourself because a magic mob teleported into your "insert item here" and broke your game.

  7. Mega Tribes

    Freaking Mega Tribes
    I swear there is a mega tribe with the population of A SMALL COUNTRY and the LITERAL BEST GEAR IN THE GAME that will run across servers wiping everything, they're basically human nukes. Then you get good, build in secret, and fight back, aaaand they transfer over 9 million random items and crash the server, making it wipe.

  8. I've put 1900 hours into ark, 1300 of which are on one server. I have to say, after 4 months of playing on one server (rates are 3x all) I am complete,y bored and burnt out with the game. However, I paid £30 for the whole game (Base game and DLC) and I have to say, it's probably the best £30 I've ever spent. £30 to have almost 2000 hours of gameplay before being able to get bored is amazing. With the recent price hike up to £60 though I'm not sure whether I would choose to purchase the game. It can be quite repetitive, the last 2 months on my server (PVE) have been taming lots of max dinos such as quetzals, Mosas and rexes and breeding them every day seeing if RNG will grant me the level I want. If it doesn't, I wait 12 hours and breed them up again. Building can be fun, but without mods such as s+ it's horrific. Spending hours gathering materials to them spend hours playing with snap points and demolishing wrongly placed parts.

    I do think it's worth it, if you're willing to deal with eh graphics and some crashes and disconnecting from servers. In a few months I'll probably be back playing ark again starting from basics and will probably be able to get another 1000 hours out of it.

  9. Ark has the worst developers money hungry who cheat and lie and trick players into giving them loads of cash then banning and silencing them once they are used up and sucked dry.

  10. I feel like alot of the problems i.e the paid dlc stems from the fact that they suffered a 45 mil lawsuit.

  11. Mack making unfounded complaints about a game? What a shocker.
    A general average for taming something level 125 is around 2 and a half hours.
    This is why the meat being used to tame matters – as does the level of the dinosaur you're attempting to tame.
    Maybe don't aim so impossibly high for a casual player?

    Don't want the possibility of players from other servers going to yours and sandbagging you while you're offline?
    Play on servers that don't permit arking. New players will not be able to ark in previous player levels, or dinosaurs.

    Players can get on singleplayer, use console commands to level themselves to the max level, spawn in any dinosaur they want, and max level that too. Avoid servers that permit the ability to ark. Sorted.

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