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Beowulf The Game (PS3) Playthrough Part 1


Beowulf The Game (PS3) Playthrough Part 1


  1. Im playing the game right now but I can't beat this big monster! Why did they put this monster in it, it sucks. I think I'm going to use a save game on the Internet. Then I can continue my journey in Beowulf.

  2. lol Why did Brecca randomly collapse on the shore like that? Oh I get it he was just so demoralized that Beowulf killed the sea monsters and he didn't that he was so debilitated that he couldn't even stand. smh

  3. I dont need to pay any more amount of money for it cause my home is near computer shop and i can get all latest and famous games with just RS 30.cuz i copy and return it haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. what kind of bs is it 1 min into the game and you have to fight a monster with no weapons or skills.  That is nice way to get people off this game. 

  5. Despite this being a video game of a movie, it was a very good game considering. You could either be good or evil you had all these fighting combinations and you had to find legendary weapons that didn't break, even though it was frustrating at times, it was a good game.

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