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Black Ops(ps3) trouble connecting to partys?


I just recently bought call of duty black ops so I could play with some of my friends, and when I try to connect to a party with them it goes to the box with a spinning circle and says trying to connect to joinable session, then it freezes. I wait for about two minuets and my ps3 unfreezes and says that the session is no longer joinable, or that the invitation has expired, or something along those lines. thanks for the help in advance.

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  1. It is NOT your CONSOLE! Your PS3 is PEFECTLY FINE as well as your INTERNET. The culprit is BLACK OPS. basically it did not turn out to be what everyone was expecting! What you are describing is known as the “Infinite Loading Screen” The game has been having lots of problems ever since the release and despite several patches, it is still not working correctly. It’s a shame this is happining. Check out the video below for further details.

  2. Ok I had the same problem try restarting if that dosnt work go to the xmb (main menu) the go to game data utility make sure it’s game data utility other wise u delete ur profile and campaign when u get there find black ops and delete it

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