Home Xbox Forum Connecting 2 xbox live thru an android phone?

Connecting 2 xbox live thru an android phone?


someone told me I would be able to connect to x box live through my android phone. is there any truth to that?

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  1. Why would you want to?

    It’s called XBox live because its supporting the XBox platform. You won’t find mobile versions of COD where you can level up or anything. Sure some probably exist, but i wouldn’t see a MMPG being very viable on a mobile device!

  2. I’d assume it’s like my iPod Touch app, “360 Live”. I can message people through my iPod and connect with friends on it. You have to actually log in with your gamer tag and password. Look up the applications for your phone. I have another app called “Inside XBox 360” that I downloaded a couple years ago. It only did about half what this does. You didn’t have to log in, but you could only add like 15 friends and you couldn’t message them. So check it out.

  3. Do you mean to use your phone as a hot spot? If so then YES that is possible. You can use your phone like a router and your xbox will be able to use that signal to connect to xbox live

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