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cords for xbox 360.?


i bought an xbox 360 and it doesnt have any cords. what cords do i need?

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  1. Hi, you will need:

    -Power brick with power cord

    -AV cable or HDMI cable if you have a HD TV

    -Ethernet cable if you want to play on Live or Wireless adapter if you want to play wireless

    (my answer has all the information you will need)

  2. if you have a HDTV TV or a LCD monitor higher than 22″, it’s worth to buy the xbox 360 HDMI cable with audio. if your TV or monitor doesn’t have any HDMI port, buy a HDMI to DVI-D converter.

    if you don’t have, then buy an ordinary xbox 360 SCART cable.

    don’t forget to buy the xbox 360 PSU if you want to power it on.

    a simple RJ-45 cable of you want to go online.

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