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Eyes Of Heaven VS All Star Battle: Which Game is better? – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Explained


Eyes Of Heaven VS All Star Battle: Which Game is better? - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Explained

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle - Video Preview


  1. In rates of gameplay,
    1. Heritage for the Future
    2. All-Star Battle
    3. Eyes of Heaven

    In terms of fan service and content,
    1. Eyes of Heaven
    2. All-Star Battle
    3. Heritage for the Future

    I say a game with the gameplay style of HotF and ASB (with the gameplay quality of the former), with the fan service and content of EoH. Also ASB's lip-syncing since they actually tried with that one. Hell they could pull from Street Fighter and have the tag-team gameplay, so they could still have certain character interactions when they're partnered up.

  2. If EoH had rush attacks clashing with each other like AllStar and it gave DIO's Roadroller it have been the better one.

  3. Alright. So I'm just looking for a fun Jojo fighting game I can play with friends. Which seems like All-Star battle is the best for that.

  4. Difference to me is ASB is great but has that stupid campaign rip off bs, eyes of heaven is only good for fans of the anime and fighting games like the naruto ultimate ninja storm games

  5. I didn't like the fact that all characters were unlocked in EOH I wanted to spend a bunch of hours unlocking characters

  6. I introduced my 10 year old sister to Jojo and she's addicted so I'm gonna get Eyes of Heave so me and her can play . Does anyone know if I they have any Physical English copies in America or should I import a copy from Japan? I'm one of those guys who needs a physical copy.

  7. Gameplay looks quite like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 when he mentions juggling in this game except better. Need to buy this game.

  8. I was Thinking on seeing the JoJo's Bizarre adventures Anime, is it good or should i better read the manga?
    By the way Medaka Box game just like this would be amazing XD the game seems pretty good, im not a fan of the series and i want it lol

  9. HAMON OVERDRIVEVU!!!I will never get tired of that.(Ps,Jojo is the second best shonen i have ever seen)

  10. Joseph Joestar was a fucking boss in the 2nd half of season 1/battle tendency arc of the recent anime. Definitely going to be usin him. I think it's lame that Stroheim isn't in this game though…

  11. Waiting for Matt McMuscles, Angry Patt, Liam-senpai and Woolie the pie stealer to play this game… HYPEST YouTube sensation playing the HYPEST fighting game!

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