Home Xbox Games Far Cry 3. First hour and a half gameplay. Xbox 360.

Far Cry 3. First hour and a half gameplay. Xbox 360.


Far Cry 3. First hour and a half gameplay. Xbox 360.


  1. I know this is a 360 version but why is everyone on pc playing with a gamepad,it feels so innatural to play a FPS with a gamepad,at least to me 😀

  2. Why didn't you trade in the pistol for the FREE STG-90 b/f going on the first mission. And why didn't you get the two trunks at the bottom of the zipline in mission 1???

  3. mmmmm screen tearing and 20fps.  I knew new games run like shit on last gen consoles, but i didn't realize how bad until i watched a couple of video's recording fps for far cry 3, assassins's creed 3, bf4 and so on and constantly see dips down to 15-20fps.  Its funny though, i played on consoles for the last 27 years, and only switched to pc last year and never really cared about frame rates and detail settings, but once you get a taste you can't go back to playing slideshow's.  Just wait for die hard console denialists to claim they can't see more than 24fps, i can now pick easily between 50hz and 60hz, hell i can feel a drop of 5fps 99% of the time.  I don't know if that's a good thing, but i see ghosting at anything lower than 50fps.  I still own basically every console that has been released over the last 25 years, but own all those games on my pc (over 2300 games) and use that instead.  Love them for nostalgia reasons though.  Make me feel young again, but a better experience is a better experience whether you wan't to admit it.  And don't start with the whole $3000 shit, my pc cost me $260 and was built up with 5 year old hardware (Phenom ii x4 965/ M5A78 Motherboard, some no name 350w psu for $10 from some second hand dealer, $5 WD 320GB hdd, 8GB ddr3 out of the bin and the only new part i bought, and r7 260x for $130.  

    Don't hold on to an inferior experience just because a chip on your shoulder, it was the best decision i ever made.

  4. for brainless people!
    I have Xbox 360 and GTA V
    the game looks way better then on youtube , the same problem is like this far cry how looks bad because of video recording. with recording you cant capture the real graphic.
    its not sharp like in real playing on 360
    the game here looks like 480p just because is converted in video!
    if you want to play the games best buy Xbox 360 , if you are brainless trandy graphic idiot , just buy PC or go Out side in the real world and nature and watch the real graphic and vegetations.
    stupid retards.

  5. Looking fairly good on 10 years old 360 but fps is stuttering ! Though it has been fixed in far cry 4.

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