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Merry Xmas all!

I just got my xbox 360 elite today, I tried to connect the hdmi cable to my TV but there didn’t seem to be a socket for it. My Tv is “HD ready” (but brought it a couple of years ago) is there some sort of adaptor for it?
.or do I need a new TV

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  1. HD ready doesn’t mean it has an HDMI socket. You should have at least a component input. If you have a DVI-in, you should be able to get a convertor to plug the HDMI lead into that. I believe DVI is an older connection.

  2. It looks as though your TV although HD ready does not support HDMI (not all TV’s do) you will need to connect via the component connection on your TV and providing the TV can support HD up to 1080i then you will still get an awesome picture

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