Home Playstation Forum How do i take my ps3 game out after YLOD?

How do i take my ps3 game out after YLOD?


My game is stuck an I need to take it out please help I seen all the youtube videos about holding down the power button but doesn’t help at all

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  1. unless you have the 40 gig fat model ps3 the fan test method it useless , only the 40 gig can eject a disc after ylod

    for the rest there are 2 options , if you are going to get it repaired by Sony just call them and when you get the box to ship them the console check the box on the paperwork that says there is a stuck disc and the name of the game , they’ll return the game in a few weeks after they take the ps3 apart

    option 2 , if you are just going to throw the ps3 out take it apart yourself carefully and once you get the disc drive out you’ll be able to get the disc. Either you or a repair center will have to take the console apart to recover that disc.

  2. There’s no one method that works. You may need to try a couple different things. If you haven’t done it yet, try holding the eject button for several seconds. If that doesn’t work, then you may really need to have it disassembled to get it out.

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