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How is the Halo:Reach Campaign?


I would like answers from people that have bought the game and have been playing the campaign for a while. I’m not as interested to know how the multiplayer is because I can imagine that part of the game. I’m considering getting it, but all I know about it is what I see in videos. Is it a skip the campaign Halo and go straight to multiplayer or a must play the campaign first because its better than the other ones Halo? Do you like the game as a whole(Campaign+Multiplayer)? Why or why not?

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  1. I just finished the campaign last night and the campaign has the same feel as other Halo’s (make your way through the mission killing aliens) but for some reason its a lot better than the others. There are more room for AI enemies which makes for huge battles in each mission and even in normal gameplay it gets ridiculous. The hunters even seem A LOT harder than the other games.

    And the multiplayer and firefight are awesome, as usual in the other Halo’s.

    Like I said I have beat the campaign but I am taking the time to co-op with my friends to get them through the campaign on Heroic.

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