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How to get to the internet explorer on Xbox One


Internet explorer on Xbox One

How to get to the internet explorer on Xbox One

***Update*** Please go here: https://youtu.be/rn_19oZ2cso

Click Here for XBOX Games: https://goo.gl/akXw2c

Here is how I was able to do a web search on my son’s Xbox One at the time of publishing. Things had changed from earlier versions of the Xbox, and they may have changed again by the time you view this. Let me know in the comments if you see any issues.

There may also be a better way to do this, but I’m a non-techie 42 year old and fumbled around until I discovered this way of doing a simple web search from the gaming console. I hope it helps.

How To Open Internet Browser on Xbox One

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  1. fuck man, my pin got deleted some how. and now there's a new update. anyone help me how to do it now please

  2. Hey my edge keeps crashing and closing I've tried the power cycle with my Xbox and turning off the wifi but nothing works , any tips?

  3. Im trying to get the same website as you cause i use that on my phone alot and id like to use my Xbox one to watch it but when i entered the website it said something about a fire wall what did u enter into the address bar

  4. thats why i have a ps4 it's much easier and the quality is much better had xb1 didn't like the way it operated

  5. Guys I found a different way. go to the left guide go down to the little TV and internet explorer is there

  6. thanks bro been looking for like 3 days I kno om a dumbass lol… my girl said try youtube lol…. but thanks again

  7. Thanks it worked but if you don't wanna repeat these steps once you get to internet explorer pin it to your home so you can just open it from the homepage. For example I pinned Google.com to my home

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