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I formatted my Xbox 360 hard drive from my PC and now the Xbox 360 wont recognize it.?


I got a transfer cable for my Xbox 360 and plugged it in to the computer to format it because i got a new Xbox 360 slim 250 gb system and did not need the hard drive so i was just clearing it out but when i put it back in the Xbox everything was erased and the Xbox 360 wont even recognize that its there so is there any way i can get the hard drive to work again.

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  1. There are ways but it may be tedious. Once you formatted the drive via your pc, two things may have happened that is now causing the HD to not be recognized by your 360. It is formatted in NTFS (instead of FAT-32) and the partitions have been deleted (there should be 3).

    There’s some info out on the internet about re-partitioning our HDD via a SATA port on your pc. It’s a crap-shoot in many respects but considering that you are trying to use a Microsoft HD, you may have pretty good luck. Do a search on “partitioning xbox 360 hard drive”.

    However, my advice would be to let it go. you have a 250GB’r on your new shiny console! It would be a simpler process to add an external USB drive instead if you’re after more HD space.

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