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I was playing UNO on Xbox live and i saw some interesting stuff?


I was playing uno on xbox live. as i get in a game a kid pops out from the side with a party hat on his dick and he was wearing a bowtie. then another one hops out with a tie and party hat. they would parade around and jump in front of the camera. im just trying to play a good game of uno and these kids messed it up. whats wrong with them? why would they want to do this? and they had elton john playing into their microphone.

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  1. UNO is the #1 game that people do crazy stuff like this. Change your privacy settings and if you see any kind of behavior like this in the future, do report them (they will get banned for a long time).

  2. It happens a lot on Uno. I suggest changing your privacy settings so that you can’t see the cameras of people who aren’t on your friends list.

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