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Is there a great Xbox 360 console for a low price with enough memory for a good amount of games?


As far as I know, I will only be playing about 3 games (RDR, Oblivion, Skyrim) but mainly Skyrim. Is there a low priced Xbox 360 console that can run smoothly and hold all the memory of those games without a hard drive? Also without the chance of the Xbox breaking down for whatever reason would be nice.

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  1. Xbox 4Gb is enough for playing 3 games via DVD. From my research, you would be able to find the XBox at cheap price here:

    [url is not allowed]

    You can also try to have a used one. but be careful that it must be slim and must have a reasonable price factor.

  2. only for 3 games the 4gb version is okay for you,but if you want more games i suggest you the 250gb version.I have 14 games but 2 days ago i put BF3 in the console and i see that the game need a hard drive,1.5gb for HD textures,halo need a hard drive too

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