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Let’s Play Rebel Galaxy (UPDATED) – Gameplay Introduction – Part 1


Rebel Galaxy Gameplay with Splattercat! In this Let’s Play of Rebel Galaxy, we’ll check out the game and get you started with your first adventures in space!

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Let's Play Rebel Galaxy (UPDATED) - Gameplay Introduction - Part 1

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  1. this is an amazing game, i love every second im playing, get yourself some good alcohol food and smokes and dim the lights and play yourself a great cinematic game that doesnt require a super computer to play it

  2. Why are there so many console peasants? We do not like them. They are lesser than us. 30 fps and shitty resolution. The last of the lesser. Duck them. Long live Master Race.

  3. I played through this once (I really rushed through it on ps4, and regret rushing it.). And, now I am going to do it it, properly…while I way for Elite: Dangerous to release at the end of next month.

  4. i need to watch you more! you're my style!!! I Love space games, shows, and movies!!!!! You just earned yourself a subscriber!

  5. A faster way to pulse scan systems is the F key on ur keyboard also bounties tend this randomly generate so when u go into a mission it is possible that there will probably be a couple bad guys with bounties on them

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