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LGR – Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection – PC Game Review


LGR - Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection - PC Game Review


  1. I played a zoo tycoon game I think it was the complete collection
    or it might also be zoo tycoon 2.
    I could only put 2 species of dinosaurs in my game.
    I remember my money went into red and that my t-rex and raptors broke out sometimes.

    I used to have windows program packages which had different programs on to install and zoo tycoon was a free game on it but I lost it.

    Zoo tycoon was my first simulation game before playing the Sims.

    Would be great if it could be bought it on Origin or atleast a remake or a new Zoo Tycoon and put it on Origin. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 is the only Tycoon game that is on origin so far. But I only played the original Zoo Tycoon as well which my sister had on PC game. She lost the game years later but I didn't like Rollercoaster tycoon.

    Other games:

    A year ago I saw Farming simulator 2017 on Origin it was the only game in that game
    serie. I never played this game but I'm planning to buy it someday and try it.
    A few days ago I discovered that Farming simulator 2016 and 2015 was put on Origin aswell.
    Maybe Zoo Tycoon might come to Origin someday.
    I also heard of Civilization I never played that either but I hope that it comes to Origin aswell because I also want to try that game.

  2. I loved this game so much! Still have it actually but unfortunately can't get it to run on my computer :/

  3. theres a few games I would love to see covered on this channel if they are not already. Computer People, Harvest Moon, Scribblenaughts, Populas, Carmen Sandiego, Word Wizard, Donald Duck's Playground, Movie Monster, Wild Earth African Safari, Endless Ocean 2, Mr Misquito, Chulip, Dogs Life, deadly cretures, worms, 3D Movie Maker, Pokémon Snap, Lots of other C64, Amega and DOS games I can't remember the names of and basically any game that simulates some thing or has a photography aspect.

  4. I remember a clone of this game being available on the computers at my school, all anyone did on this was trap everyone in a zoo then release 100 lions into it and seeing who survived the longest

  5. I loved playing this when I was in elementary school with my sisters old copy. I would ALWAYS play freeform mode, of course cheating for thousands and thousands of dollars. But the one distinct thing that always happened was he overpopulated warthogs. I made my exhibit, then went to make some exotic mermaid tank and completely forgot about everything else. I'd then notice the seemingly endless "warthog 795 is unhappy" messages, briefly scroll over to them, and there was a large army of baby warthogs. On good days I sold some or adjusted the habitat, but on other days I got frustrated and took away the fence and watched as hundreds of people ran out of a zoo teeming with loud, escaped warthogs.

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