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My Xbox 360 had a RROD the last few times I tried to turn it on but now it’s fine, what’s up?


I was set to play Oblivion and I turned the xbox on.and it froze. Turning it off and letting it sit, I turned it back on, fearing the worse.and yup, red ring.unplugging the cords and replugging them in to make sure they were fine, i tried again. RROD. I stood it upright and tried again. RROD. so I waited for a while, unplugged the hard drive and plugged it back in, and let it sit for about 10 minutes.it started up just fine. But I was under the assumption the RROD always meant your system was guaranteed kaput for good?

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  1. The RROD is usually caused by the system overheating and can sometimes be fixed by simply letting it cool down for long enough.

    P.S. Oblivion is an AWESOME game!

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