Home Xbox Forum my xbox 360 has the red ring of death?

my xbox 360 has the red ring of death?


what do i do

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  1. umm simple


    unplug the xbox write down the serire number make it easy on your self

    because there going ask reboot it enevn tho its not going to work lol u can leave it unpluged if u like and when they tell u reboot say ok w/e lol

  2. well my xbox does that when i have a quick power outage, but i turn it back on and it works just fine.

    but if in your case it doesn’t turn back on, call microsoft and tell them about it.

    they’ll give you a box to ship it back and they’ll give you a new xbox.

  3. The actual red ring of death (RROD) is 3 red flashing parts of the on/off button. Four flashing parts means a loose power connection (thats easily solved, just make sure all the power leads are properly secured) The 3 flashing lights means its time to contact microsoft! Contact the service number as shown in your manual and they will talk it thru with you. I see the usual spam-bots have found another “victim”!

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