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NBA 2K9 Cover Athlete Reveal


NBA 2K9 Cover Athlete Reveal

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  1. yeah the p;roblem is the people who worship live who try nba 2k games cant get a hang of the game and just say its bad

  2. 2k should add more to the all star week end like the skills challenge, and add team USA . not team jordan

  3. NBA 2K9 Should add D-League. in my Association i had shit rookies and i didn wanna cheat by edit player.

  4. NBA 2K9 should add updates on Team Rosters, updates on Nike, Adidas, Reebok Sneakers and General, make your own shoe, and accesories like wear a forearm sleeve with a band over it, accescory layers and all etc u no wot i mean.

  5. im excited because it looks like they touch the rim, they hold the ball and that the ball doesnt look like rubber unlike 2k8… cant wait

  6. 2K Sports need to take out that gay ass Lock-On D in NBA 2K9. People abuse the hell out of that. U hold Left Trigger (Xbox) and the guy sticks on u and even attempts block if u shoot in their face. I hate that.

  7. hopefully they pull this game together, i didnt seem to enjoy 2k8 as much as 2k7 so idk if il be getting it, but i defs wont be getting nba LIVE

  8. his face has improved here in 2k9 looks like it. in nba 2k8 it look so shitty.. only a few faces looked good

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