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NHL 13 Trailer


NHL 13 Trailer


  1. fuck its the same shit year to year, im surprised they still have money in the budget. if i were you get  new one every 5 years!! dont waste all this fucking money. its awful that there Canadian, im Canadian and im ashamed of EA 

  2. This game stinks I accidentally exited my gm mode without saving and it erased a whole season's worth of progress. II am mad brava use I have to do it all over again!

  3. I seem to be one of the few who actually like this game. I actually bought it for the new physics system & skating. After I played NHL 13, I couldn't go back to previous versions. It felt too arcade.

  4. When you play this game, it looks like ts been programed by three year olds. All the "physics" they claim are realistic run so poorly that its impossible to play.

  5. no man I have played all the nhl's since 2004. NHL 11 is the best one and 12 and 13 are just totally just different unrealistic games. The puck physics have become so bad. They tried to make it so realistic that it is actually so unrealistic in 13 with the puck going all over the place. Can't even make pass for one timers and tic tac toe goals without the puck just being so easily checked by the opponent or it just slids off the stick.

  6. Everyone chill out!! For the love of the game!! Seriously I came for Hockey not a history debate! (I'm Canadian BTW)

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