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Overwatch Review


  1. One year later…it's kinda mediocre. There's better games out there now not to mention more consistent and bountiful games. Titanfall 2 comes to mind, especially with how it apes Overwatch in replayability. I used to love this game but now I only play when an event is released. Needs a lot of new content to keep it from feeling stale.

  2. it give it.a8.7 not that much modes.and ign is complaing about doom when doom has forge with drugs.aka snapmap

  3. I have a question do i get the tracer hero if i buy the 30€ edition or i need to buy the 60€ game of the year edition to get the tracer

  4. I would really like to play overwatch since tf2 has become a dead game, but damn 60€ for game of the year edition is just too much

  5. im a year late and barely anyone in the comments actually like overwatch. And they don't have good reasons

  6. As someone interested in Overwatch but not knowing much about it, this review couldn't be more useless. Terrible.

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