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Video game testing job is one the profitable ways to earn money working part time as a video game tester. There are varieties of ways to get a video game testing job. You can search adverts for a video game testing job at newspapers, games related magazines, job sections of craigslist or even video game manufacturers’ websites. Beta video game testing doesn’t require any special skills in order for you to be accepted. Meanwhile, you are required to have at least a minimum experience of 7 years and must be very good at playing games.

As you know, the video game industry is a multi-billionaire market which needs quality in order to remain the delight of video game lovers. What video game designers expect you as a video game tester to know is the ability to detect bugs at any stage of the game you are assigned to test. No one is perfect; sometimes the designers of video games make mistakes while programming games. Though, they also do testing, theirs is for quality control while you are involved in public beta testing.

It’s not so easy to find vacant video game testing jobs. Most people are hungry for this kind of job, so before you can turn around, the job may have being taken. But the fact still remains that there are openings and people still get such jobs. A good to way to find video game testing jobs is look for one at video game designer’s websites like Microsoft Xbox, Sony, Nintendo or even Code Masters and the rest of others.

So how can one go about to get them?
Sometimes when such vacancies are open, you can find them at classified sites like craigslist (mainly at its job sections), game magazines or even newspapers. Make out time, especially on daily basis, to visit their websites. You can search for this website by using the keyword of their company name at search engines. You could be lucky to get one. It’s not easy but a trial will convince you. Another way is to approach game manufacturer’s office; the fact still remains that if you don’t show yourself, they won’t know you are searching for this job.

Game manufacturers pay $50 to $150 per hour to test just a full game. Sometimes, it’s done online or sent via to your address. This gives you the confident to test it in the comfort of your home. There paycheck normally comes 2 weeks after you’ve finished testing the games assigned to you.

When all search remain relentless
If after searching for a video game opening but you are unable to find one, there are some website that have listings of video testing opportunities. The advantages of getting a testing job through them are that they will provide you with the step-by-step guides which you need in order to get your first assignment. They normally provide a short video game testing course in an eBook format to enable you better understand the industry you about to get into. This makes it easy to locate and increases your chances of getting the job.

[url not allowed] is a site that contains step-by-step guides on how you can learn the works of a video game tester and they also have listings of video game testing companies hiring all over the States. Visit them today and begin your video game testing career. Check it out at [url not allowed]

Submitted On September 24, 2008Computer GamesDo you want to be paid to test video games? This article will guide you on how to get a video game testing job. Video game testing is very lucrative and you could be paid up to $150 per hour testing video games. Read this article to discover the true…paid to test video games

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