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Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Trailer


Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Trailer


  1. "Pearsona 4! Chi Alltomato in Mayonaka Arena!! Praystation Threeto Xboxe … " Ah, forget it. I'm not even trying that 360.

  2. Man, look at all the differences. Especially in the HUD.
    The Persona gauge and Character Portraits to be specific.

  3. LOLz. I'm still thinking about what may happen if I hack Valvatorez from Disgaea 4 in the game with the hacked persona Rudra. I can see him totally giving Yu a hard time in battle. Just the idea of it makes me act like Mao for a bit.

  4. Yep. I was wrong when I thought that AKSYS was the creator. That's ARC System Works for both Blazblue and Persona 4. ATLUS is just the publisher.What confused me was the way the marketing people keep throuwing around the AKSYS name like they are creators when that's actually ARC. I'm sorry about that, Now I have to find a correct a couple of other posts. What can I say, innovation is important to and impresses me. I like to see due credit given. Pre-ordering P4 and shutting the hell up now..

  5. I checked on that and it's completely wrong. AKSYS has absolutely NOTHING to do with Persona 4 Arena. It's all ARC System Works and ATLUS. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing but ARC just published Blazblue AKSYS created it and they keep saying "From the makers of Blazblue" which, to me at least, actually means something, but it's not true. They should be saying "From the printers of Blazblue." That means nothing in terms of who the actual artists were.

  6. Is AKSYS involved at all? Actually a better question would be who is developing the game and who is producing it ARC system works or ATLUS? Also 13 characters is still a pretty small cast list for someone who's only experience with Persona was the first game which was great but this involves characters from the later games from what I've seen and doesn't remind me of Blazblue as much as it does the original Marvel vs. Capcom. I think I'll still pass

  7. there are 13 characters and ARC System Works always make great fighting games such as Blazblue and Guilty Gear so I'm sure this game will at least a very good fighting game.

  8. I was told this looked/played like Blazblue CSEX. I'm not getting that, then again it's hard to understand. Are there really only 11 characters? That's a kinda' anemic for a fighting game. It looks great for the fans. Of persona. Not of fighting games.

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