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Playstation Emulator? Where can I get one?


Anyone know where I can find and install a decent playstation emulator?

I sold my PS1 some years ago, and I’ve developed a sudden urge to play Crash Bandicoot two again. Cheers, it’s much appreciated!

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  1. Try these two. It’s either one or another. Some games work on one, some games work on another. You need to find a PSX BIOS for it of course but Google can easily find it for you.

  2. Cant blame you–I get the urge to play old PS1 games too. Thats one of the reasons I bought the PS3–backward compatibility!

  3. well you can use psxe you have to install all the drivers a good one is petes plugin (i don’t know where to get you could probably search online).then you have to get the Iso or rom.you can use the site [url is not allowed] i think and go into ps1 and see if they have it there if you don’t see anyhting go to the bottom they will all be there so then you just download all the parts and play

  4. The best one is connectix. Its compatable with all games.

    There are others like bleem and epsxe which offer better graphics but they are not compatable with all games and some games may start but just show a blank screen later on, so u cant play further.

    epsxe has the advantage that u can save the game at any point.

    However , in connectix , the game behaves exactly as it would in a ps1 console , so u can only save at fixed points.

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