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PlayStation Plus: Huge 25% Price Increase Announced | PS4, PS3, Vita | News


PlayStation Plus’ price will increase by a whopping 25 per cent from 31st August in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. You can find all of the details through here: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2017/07/playstation_plus_prices_are_increasing_in_uk_and_europe_next_month

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PlayStation Plus: Huge 25% Price Increase Announced | PS4, PS3, Vita | News

PlayStation Plus Price Increase | PS+ and Playstation Now to unite? (Europe, Australia, New Zealand)


  1. Hey everyone!

    How many of you will be cancelling your subscription after learning this news?

    – Sammy

  2. Price rise on everything like food,drinks etc i don't see why this is a problem you just have to excepted.

  3. I knew this would happen after reading what the Americans/Canadians had to say about there price up,

  4. It's less than $1 a month extra, I don't see what the big uproar is about. Sure no one likes paying more, but everything else goes up in price, so I don't see a huge problem with it. For the price of 1 game a year, I get several 'free' games a month on PS4, PS3 and Vita, plus discounts on others. I'll be continuing my subscription until the day I no longer own a Playstation.

  5. "Get PS Plus now while it's at the lower price"… And that is EXACTLY what Sony wants you to do. Be brave, close your wallets, and tell them to shove it up their ass. Free online multiplayer is GUARANTEED after that… In an ideal world.

  6. well guess im selling my online ps4 games. back to PC and fuck them. those free games are shit anyways

  7. Sony doing this before the launch of Xbox One X ? pretty dumb as anyone who has xbox live and psn will know that xbox network is far superior to Sony's crappy service and the games are so much better with games with gold.

  8. I have not been spending much on consoles this past year anyway, and I don't actually care if I have to walk from them completely. "PlayStation 4" can't even play my "PlayStation" games that I purchased for my PlayStation 3 and 2 etc… so what is the point of buying into the "PS platform"? – its always a dead end! Sony is simply too greedy and don't seem to have any exclusives worth my attention and the online value is a joke. They always over hype and under deliver… PC makes so much more sense now days. I'm moving more and more in that direction and already have a thousand games I got at bargain prices and I don't have to care how old they are, I can always seem to play them all… PC is fantastic! I even gave up on Nintendo after they abandoned the Wii-U and cancelled previously promised games. I'm sick of wasting money on all these dead ends.

  9. You can actually pay 17 dollars for 3 months for a physical card that's why you don't get digital ps plus because it costs 35 dollars

  10. I loathe this company.

    So cocky, and sly.

    It's been indie shit for months, then they drop a couple of good months right before the price increase!

    Slippery dogs …

  11. This is why Sony needs competition. Many excited that Microsoft is losing only hurts us as gamers. It allows Sony to do whatever they want. You're seeing it now…

  12. Well shit, now I gotta decide whether or not to sell my ps4. With the money I get from it I can get a mid tier gaming PC and not have to worry about paying for online. This gen might be the last for me in terms of consoles :/

  13. A quick note if I may. This is an opinion piece. I do not have a solid reliable source to reference here.
    Please don't take this as a certainty. More of a wish list on my part. I don't want to deceive anyone.

  14. damn my gaming pc seems alot valueable, if you own a ps4 for 9 years, thats 600 just for online, plus 60 bucks for every game you buy, plus 400 for the system at launch plus 60 for extra controllers each, thats well over 1000 bucks my 1000 gaming pc with a gtx 1060 and i5 4690k is like 3 times more powerful then a ps4 and just seems like a better buy, sure it cost more up front, but the games are not 60 bucks a peice, free online, 1080p at 90 fps, is much better then 30 fps

  15. As a US subscriber, I would pay another $10.00-$15.00 annually to add the Now service. No more than that, however.

  16. Wtf….?? Another price increase? Didn't EU and PAL regions get an increase like 2 years ago? Fuck this shit and fuck you Sony, your servers are shit and keep blocking IP addresses and they are slow even when they work. If you are not gonna fix your servers after this price increase then I'm sorry I'm gonna stop being a fan of your systems. I already hate Microsoft so I'm not going over to Xbox nor Nintendo…. I guess I'll just be a PC gamer. But I hope to god you better your servers and don't just charge us for nothing. This is such bullshit.

  17. They better do. Game streaming is the future. And i hope no one buys crazy consoles every 4-5 years anymore. I hope ps5 will be failure.

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