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Playstation Plus Worth It? List of Free Games – PS3 / Vita / PS4


Playstation Plus Worth It? List of Free Games - PS3 / Vita / PS4


  1. This is shit! The games are not FREE. You have to PAY for their subscription in order to keep playing the games. Most people hear the word 'FREE' and don't see or hear anything else. How could something be FREE if it's taken away if you stop paying for it? That means that it was never FREE to begin with. Anyone that doesn't grasp this concept is a complete moron. If you have an xbox live account and they give you a FREE game, when your xbox live account expires, the game is still available for you to play because its truly FREE. 

  2. It's ok u get new games for free but when ur subscription ends your games u just can't play them anymore

  3.  do you know if i am a ps plus member for 1 month and i download this game for free would i loose access after membership expires?

  4. I just don't think getting a game for free supposedly and it only working if u have a playstation plus membership is bullshit and lying to us period. At least xbox 360 let's you keep them reguardless of you're xbox live account expiring. Point and case closed sony fanboy's !

  5. If you get to keep these 64 games forever, can I still get this deal? because I went to the playstation store and it says nothing about this deal…..?

  6. I remember when I had playstation plus and downloaded all the free games that they give you. As soon as you're membership expires so does you're license on the games. So you can only play these free games when you have you're playstation plus paid for. Why say there free when they only work when u have a playstation plus account. That's bullshit, did they ever fix this!?!!!????

  7. It's true. Playstation plus is completely took over Xbox Live. Because we can get free games each week and I probably get about 9 to 10 games in 1 month within 1 year Playstation Plus.

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  9. Whoever says not worth it are Xbox fans and they cant admit that they payed 60$ to play online so it's the same thing derp

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