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ps3 connection help?!?!?! errorr 80710102?


I have wireless and it wont find my ip adress automatically. so ive entered the ip adress and now thats rightt butt it keeps saying dns error andd imm getting quitee annoyed at the stupid thingg noww.

ive triedd the one that comes up on my computer in run. cmd

ive tried the dns things that supposedly work for everyonee and noww i dont reli know what to dooo?

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  1. turning everything off including powering off the routers and internet cable modem so they all reset. I get that error a couple times a month.

  2. I had that problem, it means you haven’t typed in the correct security code, like wep and wpa codes, depending on your router. See if the router came with the packaging of the router and type them in on the PS3. This should work. Good Luck

  3. you should try turning off your wirless internet plug at the main power and leave it for a few mins and then retry

  4. you can’t copy the ip for your PC. the reason why you can’t connect is because of the IP conflict. No 2 devices can’t use the same IP. the other 1 will not connect to the internet.power cycle your router by pulling out the power cord. wait for 30 sec and plug it back (this is like resetting the router). turn off the pc for a while or disconnect it from the internet to make sure that your PS3 will not have any device to share an IP address with. Then restart your PS3 and do the internet setup once more.

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