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PS3 Headset not compatible?


My sony bluetooth wireless headset is an amazing device. It is compatible with both the Playstation 3 as well as my PC. However since my PS3 has the yellow light of death. I purchased a blu-ray player instead to save money. However, I only like watching movies with that sony bluetooth headset and this device is not recognized by my blu ray player. The blu ray player is a Sony BDP 3100. Can anyone explain how to make the bluetooth device compatible with my blu ray player? If not, can someone give out reommendations for headsets my blu ray player is compatible with? Thank you.

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  1. You’ve misunderstood the Wifi capability of the BDP s3100. While it’s wifi compatible, it’s only wifi compatible for streaming content, not BT pairing with a headset or similar device.

    However, what you can do to get around that is to purchase a Bluetooth Transceiver. All you’d need to do is to plug it in to the BD’s or your TV’s audio output and pair your headset with the transmitter to get wifi sound.


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