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ps3 help+networking help+fifa 10 advice+gta problem?


Guyz i hav d following probs with a ps3. ON this coming monday ill b gettin a fifa 10 for my ps3 i cant change my mind as i hav told my bro 2 get it and he has aldready bought 1 so following r my queries

1 Is fifa10 a really gud game in terms of sports games for ps3

2 which is better psmove or upcoming natal (my money is on ps move)

3 which is better gta iv or fifa 10

4 which is better fifa 10 or just cause2

5 i hav a gta iv which supports trophies but not displays them (n ya i hav got d gta iv after d trophy system came)n i hav never used d cheats

6 what is dns prob.jus irritated with it

7 c i donot hav a connection of my own i have got a neighbours wi-fi signal which is 24/7(50%signal strength)SO i make d needful connection mostly it comes ip address timed out n sumtimes dns problem(i,e d ip adress cums suceeded but d internet connections fail)

8 since i hav already told dat it is my neighbours wifi signal i cant ask him for his internet details , so is there any way of getting my connection through his wifi also c dat i cant get my own wifi coz it is a family problem i have an ethernet but not a modem nor router nor usb modem so can i get it through my ethernet by connecting it to d laptop(it does NOT hav internet)and ps3

9 hav i made a gud choice by making a need 4 fifa 10 as he was telling me dat just cause 2 is also a gud game

10 how do youl guys find gta iv ,when can u * 2 d mission when either kate or roman dies i hav * to d part when roman calls me 2 tell that it has been confirmed dat he and mallorie are going 2 marry

11 if we kill roman how will the game progress as i hav heard that in d last mission where u kill jimmy pegarino roman n jacob help u to kill him

12 which is better ps3 slim or ps3 fat i hav d ps3 slim

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  1. 1. I honestly don’t think that FIFA 10 is a good game, but people who like soccer claim that it’s pretty good. Try the demo out from the PlayStation store if you’re skeptical.

    2. Neither, a lot of hardcore gamers including me dislike the idea of motion control at all, but I would say PS Move, just because I’d like to have something I can hold in my hand.

    3. Definitely Grand Theft Auto IV, but my favorite PS3 game is Fallout 3.

    4. Just Cause 2, the demo is awesome, try it out.


    6. You need to set up a server with your router.

    7. Oh, well that’s technically illegal, you need to get the WEP code from them if you want to access the router service that they’re paying for. I suggest getting you own router because it’s not exactly fair to mooch off of a neighbors signal. Not that you can, since it’s secured.

    8. No, you can’t get through. You need to be fair and get your own.

    9. Just Cause 2 is definitely a better choice.

    10 + 11. I can barely read your writing, but I did the one where you kill Kate, it doesn’t progress much differently and you can still do fun things with Roman. Honestly I didn’t grow too attached to Kate. Yes you have to kill Jimmy, it’s a fairly simple mission where you ride a bike onto the beach and ramp up into a helicopter.

    12. I used to have the fat, but it died so I got the Slim. It may not play PS2 games, but it’s much quieter and lighter.

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