Home Videos PS4 Backwards Compatibility – NOT what we wanted to hear…

PS4 Backwards Compatibility – NOT what we wanted to hear…


Recently in an interview with TIME magazine the President/CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Shawn Layden came to talk about the Future of Playstation. Jim Ryan (President/CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) came to speak about eSports and…. Backwards Compatibility? It was NOT the answer that anyone of us were looking forward to hearing but it still sheds light on the idea that they know it is a heavily requested feature. Let me know what you think down below in the comment section below.

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PS4 Backwards Compatibility - NOT what we wanted to hear...

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  1. I think I can see playstation saying something like this a week before E3 only to turn around and announce it would be coming AT E3. But it would seriously be cool to just go back in time and play these old games on our new consoles.

    Thanks for the love and support on this video everyone! <3

  2. either give us backwards compatibility or make psn online service free or give us both and everyone would forget about the situation

  3. A friend of mine told me to get a ps4 and play last of us som horizon game on and on and the ONLY game i enjoy this far is ratchet and clank every new title is sooo boring i cant stand them and yeah i can buy a ps2 and spend countles hours and money to get all the games i want to play but the reason i bought this crap console was so all that would be easy wirh online librerys

  4. The only reasons I want to have backwards compatibility for my ps4 is to play games that will probably will never be remastered because they're not supported anymore… Medal Of Honor 2010 for example.which for me was one of my most favorite games..really underrated. You should check it out if you own previous-gen consoles, you won't regret it.

  5. "It's something that's much requested but not actually used much"
    Dude…. have you seen the list of "classic" games they have to offer for us? It's total crap.
    Most of them aren't even available for the ps4, it's all for PS3 and psp.

  6. Few notes of point as a fan of Sony's PS1 and PS2 consoles:
    First there is the whole "it's expensive" or It's "time consuming" yeah understandable… if Sony was financially unable, they mean to tell us that nobody on their staff that can code the system's disc drives through a update to allow use of the old disc's (Which I gotta know so ps1 discs are black unlike a standard CD-ROM and ps2 discs have the PlayStation logo on the film of the disc… Doesn't that mean that those Cd's were made and manufactured by Sony? so these disc which are Sony labeled don't work on a Sony system. FUCK YA ALRIGHT…)
    Second YOU SHITTING ME with emulation wouldn't be used? I use emulation software to run most older software, this quote from this Jim Ryan guy is a load of old wank, I mean that whole bit ("I was at a Gran Turismo event that had PS1,PS2, and PS3 games and ps1 and ps2 look ancient… why would anyone play this?" *Sept everyone at the event…) and to top it off I've know their is a PS2 games on PS4 yeah okay sure just buy a meh port and install! Not like a simple pop in the disc works or nothing also I've seen PS2 games in that store go for 30-40 smackers this ain't mid-2k anymore *sadly. "so you know just re-buy that shit don't matter if you have the disc it don't work anyway plus it's not like we will make a firmware update to play the old shiny circles, JUST HAND US UR MONEY!"
    Lastly "the games look ancient" FUCK YOU JIM RYAN I bet this fuck saw doom he would say the same thing… except you could say well tho it is a PC game it came out in 1993 worked in dos and was coded using a wad file. but there is dos box, an emulator… or third-party software to run it… a game before win 95 you can run it on a newer system HELL SHOW THIS MAN ROLLER COASTER TYCOON 1 that shit runs like magic! So Idk what is so hard about backwards compatibility all I hear is excuses to rid of the past that help build the game's we have today. Plus I would like to play my CD of Army men 3d dang it!

  7. I personally think that the developers of the Playstation need to make all their consoles backwards compatible. Like when a new console releases it can play all the previous consoles titles.

  8. why would any modern game development company want to do something so pro consumer such as backwards compatibility?????

  9. jim ryan is a perfect example as to why gaming is getting dull cuz jackass people dont play games for their graphics yea you can love a game for its graphics but you wouldnt care to actually play it if the gameplay is shit looking at pretty graphics only goes so far people like to play older games cuz they have good gameplay that wasnt designed around anti consumer practices

  10. It's pretty obvious if you have the same game throughout 3 different generation of course people gonna pick to play on the newer console because the graphics are 20x better it's different games like the GTA series that's something a person would go back to ps2 or PS3 to play because it's a different person different story different experience so this wasn't a good game to base weather or not backwards compatibility would be in the game

  11. They need backwards compatibility because it's some stuff that's not on PlayStation now or that's remastered and it's slot of missing titles that people enjoyed playing on the ps2

  12. I still hook up the nes, snes, sega, and play them. Why wouldn't I play ps1, ps2, and ps3 games on ps4. Even the 20 games I baught on ps3 psn. I have to buy again on my ps4 which I will not do. bullshit money hungry corporation. over 100 ps3 games digital and disc and can't play them on ps4

  13. Very weak of sony. Remastering is not the same as respecting popular video game culture and giving the supporters/fans the ability to enjoy past gems in 1080p of even in 4k upscaled video. Phil Spencer from xbox understands this, Jim Ryan doesn't. "why would anyone play this?" –> He doesn't understand what games are about and he's the CEO…

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