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should I buy a playstation 3, or an xbox360?


I have a playstation 2. I mainly play smackdown V Raw, and a couple sports simulations. Someday might start playing a star wars rpg, maybe one of those online games. Should I upgrade to a PS3, or Xbox360?. and why?

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  1. Xbox 360

    i had a ps2 and bought a PS3 but its not as i expected , plus the wireless handles to play got ruined so i cant play anymore. i have 2 buy 2 new original ones which are expensive :/

  2. Ps3 Pros:

    1) Quiet

    2) Motion sensitive controllers

    3) You can use any Bluetooth headset, keyboard, mouse, etc.

    4) Blu-ray

    5) Lack of flashing lights on front of machine!

    6) Built in wi-fi card

    7) HDMI included

    8) Free Online Community and Game Play

    9) Tech support speaks english and appears to be located in America, they understood my name and my question.

    10) Controllers come with built in rechargable battery and can be charged with any usb port.

    11) easy to navigate menus

    12) No ridiculous power brick, one cord, if you want to take your ps3 with you somewhere you only need the controller, the unit and the power cord.

    Ps3 Cons:

    1) No IR receiver, you can’t use your regular universal remote to control the ps3 you need a bluetooth which means an extra remote.

    2) Shape, this one sounds stupid, but the rounded shape of the ps3 really annoys me because you can’t stack, say your wii, or even lay your remotes on top of the unit. (maybe you shouldn’t do that anyhow LOL)

    3) Less games, or at this point I guess the better point would be less games made for the ps3, instead of built for the xbox and ported to the ps3, this is however changing and in the future will be less of an issue.

    Xbox 360 Pros:

    1) Great online setup, lots of features which some may miss on the ps3, many probably will not

    2) great game line up with a head start on ps3

    3) Easy to navigate menus

    4) Native Netflix Support

    Xbox 360 Cons:

    1) Noise

    2) Build Quality

    3) Online service is $50 per year.

    4) Tech support, I have called xbox live support several times, it is impossible to get them to understand what the issue is or even my name, I even gave up once.

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  3. Well this is a tough decision, if you want an online experience, then both consoles are excellent at this, although the Playstation 3 lacks some features of the Xbox’s Live.

    The Xbox is cheaper than the PS3, but a huge downside is that you have to pay to go online with the Xbox, whereas the PS3 is free to do so. As well as this, the PS3 has wireless internet built in, but the Xbox does not, however, if you’re looking to buy the latest black Xbox, that has built in wireless, but the other white models don’t. The base Xbox model is fairly cheap, so if you’re budgeted, I would recommend it.

    I personally would go with what the majority of your friends have, since online play is much more fun communicating with people you know, as well as just general socializing.


  4. No its not the same thing. Actually they are very different. Xbox 360 has awesome online gaming compared to the PS3 BUT the PS3 has a blue ray player built in. remember u have to pay for Xbox live membership and the PS3 network comes standard for free. For hard core gaming get an xbox. but for hi def experience get the PS3. i think u get more for your money with the playstation

  5. I own both, and don’t really have a favourite, but here’s the Pros/Cons

    PS3 Pros:

    Free online

    Rechargable controller

    More diverse exclusive

    Blu Ray


    Uses standard hard drives, so if you want to upgrade, you don’t have to buy any particular brand.

    PS3 Cons:

    Some games require you to install them to your hard drive.

    Demos/DLC/PSN games need to be installed before playing

    The PSN doesn’t have as many features as Xbox Live

    360 Pros:

    XBL has tons of features

    Multi-plats usually look better on the 360

    DLC for Call of Duty comes out a month before the PS3.

    360 Cons:

    Controllers require batteries, unless you buy a charging pack.

    Costs money to play online.

    Exclusives are mostly shooters

    Has a unique hard drive, so if you want to upgrade you have to buy an Xbox hard drive, and they’re expensive.

  6. From experience, Xbox Live is far better than PS3’s online service, so if you’re going to be online mostly, a 360 is your best bet. As the others have said, with Xbox Live you have to pay, whereas PS3 is free, so it’s your decision. If you want a better online experience, you have to be prepared to pay for the privilege. On the other hand, PS3 has Blu-Ray, which saves you paying a lot more for a separate player, if you’re interested.

    But for what you want, I would go with Xbox. (Even though I’m a PS3 girl)

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