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Should I get a PS2?


‘m asking this bc my 360 is gettin fixed and it’ll be back in about a month. I loved my old ps2 but traded it in to get my 360 and I’m wondering if I should go on and get it? I love all the games on it and its a really good system in my opinion. So just let me know if you think I should get one or not, Thanks!!

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  1. Yup you definitely should.

    I mean you are about to re-buy one of the most successful consoles. Selling like slized bread and having a huge library of games. some good some extremely good. Some rather basic and some terrible. So the usual “buyers beware” retains.

    But it definitely is a good console to own. So it he gamecube, very nice to if you like the games on that. And there ix the original xbox, big big black block. But it has a few PC based games that it really does very well.

  2. Get a ps3. I have one and its perfect best games like socom and call of duty and deus ex and its free to play online so yeah.

  3. Its not HD and cant o modern games, theres no multiplayer and it lacks almost everything that 360 has. I kept my PS2 when 360 came out. A few weeks ago I played a few games on PS2 and I remembered what inspired me to get an Xbox. I would recommend finding a good free game for PC or getting a PS3. If you don’t want to spend the money to get a PS3 and want a cool free game for PC, try Battlefield Play4Free. Its an EA game so you know it doesnt suck. Give it a shot, its kind of like Black Ops.

  4. If you miss your PS2, then get it.the PS2 is cheap now a days, like $80 for a new one so it’s worth buying. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to buy a PS2 and enjoy games like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or Jak and Daxter again.the PS2 is soon going to be considered as a retro console like the PS1, so better get it now before it’s too late.

    I agree, the PS2 was like the best selling console and this question just made me want a PS2 right now. LOL. Now, go ahead and revive those PS2 gaming memories!

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