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Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Review


Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Review

Sword Art Online: Lost Song Review


  1. So For Me Who Just Got A PS4 SAO LS AND HR which one came first and does it matter which i play first? havent played any SAO games b4 although i'm eventually getting HF and SAO AW VS SAO

  2. …6.7??? Oh my, ign never really can play the game fully. I bet the reviewer played not even half of the game. This game is well over 50+ hours and it is by far the best in the series. Story can use more work however. Gameplay is the best part of it. Its a clearly an 8 for me.

  3. I am still gonna get this and Toukiden 2 for my Vita… After finishing Hollow Frwgment and Lost Song.

  4. I'm to much of a sword art game not to buy this which means now I have to go and buy A PS4 NOW!!!!!! Was anybody like me and have wanted a sword art online game for a very long time and didn't know that there were two of them?

  5. "…takes place after the events of the main anime series and sees it's many likable characters "

    Oh wait, you were serious? Let me laugh harder.

  6. uhhmmmm….for those who played both SAO games SAO LS and HR are both games hack n slash or HR has auto attack like in the PSP version

    EDIT: im about to buy SAO so which one is better

  7. The guy who was rating this in a nutshell

    i dont like the anime and doesnt know whats the story of the anime and gives it a 6 BRUH I PLAYED IT ITS BETTER THAN A 6 WHY U HATE SAO?

  8. It was pretty enjoyable at first, but I just did the same thing over and over again, so it got boring pretty fast.

  9. The first half of season one was good, second half was ok. Good god this game looks like utter mediocre shite though.

  10. The only thing I hate about the game is the Custom Character Creation. They are generic in every way, no point in choosing and using one.

  11. I just want to answer one problem that the reviewer had that I semi disagree with but in no way got mad at them for except for the prononciation of Alfheim but here is the answer the problem they had. The repetitiveness is because it's based off the anime in which they're in an mmo which are normally repetitive and once again with the money and expensiveness of the weapons is because you're supposed to farm to earn those weapons

  12. Kirito is great fighter,and he have really cool outfit,if he is the lone wolf probably he will be better than Sasuke.

  13. "Recycled enemies" you do realize all mmo's or mmorpg's have this or at least a majority i realize you guy have to make videos for quotas but it is complete opinions for these reviews if you dont want to fight the same enemies "over and over and over" don't play an mmo I personally think the game looks great add a character creation and I'm sure it would be more complete but this is just like any mmo repetitive quests expensive equipment, i havent seen your guys other reviews for mmo but saying to "keep this game from taking off" is pretty harsh most people could find this game entertaining and enjoyable, of course idk if the person narrating actually played the game but I'm pretty sure there are some interest to the story i know my opinion wont matter but this review isn't really convincing to me its pretty short and pretty biased.

  14. "boring story, combat and enemies are repetitive, and fun multiplayer."

    sounds like you're talking about a real MMO there Fam

  15. Clearly the reviewer hasn't seen the anime; not even going to watch the rest of this video lol

  16. What were they thinking, the original sao series was so much better. I loved the idea of unlimited skills, interactive npcs, custom swords and sword skills, if they could make that a game it would be amazing

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