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The Banner Saga 2 Review


This tactical turn-based sequel improves on the original in some important ways.

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The Banner Saga 2 Review

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  1. i love turn based games but i found this game terribly boring after playing for 2 hours. especially with no voice acting

  2. Does anybody else get a Oregon Trail-ish vibe when they're playing these games? I do and I love it.

  3. i loved the first one , but the second one was painfully short , i finished it in one single play session , besides ,the ending is not satisfying at all , i hope there is another sequel , i want more of these .

  4. This review only makes sense if you watched the Banner Saga 1 review.. Which I did not.. So this review doesnt help me at all

  5. I haven't watched Zoolander 2 I heard it's crap. I might watch Zoolander 1 though. Will Smith said no to Independence Day 2. Ben Stiller should of learnt to say know 2

  6. Its free on xbox live gold…I'm not a fan of these games and havent played the first so I'll probably skip this one.

  7. Played the original for about an hour — found it boring as hell. Too bad. Design was beautiful.

  8. I cannot wait for this to hit PS4. I just finished the first game and I love it. Pleased to hear there will be a third title in the series. Excellent gameplay, story and developer.

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