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The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episode 3 Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”


The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episode 3 Review


  1. Telltale games: If you want fantastic stories and options this is for you!!!
    If you want gameplay that will thrill you look elsewhere!!! Personally I find it a refreshing break from the usual action gaming shite :p

  2. I just finished the whole season 3 and holy crap, what a piece of shit that was. I had no perfomance issues playing on PC, but the story and cahracters were so inciredibly dumb and unlikeable it should be considered an art form of it's own.Gabe and David idiotic assholes throughout, Kate turned into one in episode 5 fior absolutely no reason, Clem's inclusion was just as token as it could be (you could have really replaced her with anyone and it feels like she is only in there so there is a connection to bait in fans of the older seasons), Hobo-Jesus pulls an honest to god "Run on the wall to kick a Zombie in the face"-Matrix move, the episodes are insultingly short (below 9 hours of playtime for the whole season with almost no choices that matter in the whole thing, except for slightly changed lines of dialogue right after) and the basically confirmation of Season 4 made me want to smash something.

    I bought it only now because it was on sale and even with 50% I still regret my decision. The only upside for me was the graphics because the added lighting effects etc. DID enhance the looks quite a lot. It's still no stunner, but at least a lot better. Still, Telltale needs a new engine urgently. But fuuuuu~ck them for this piece of crap. Just let it go already, Telltale. You had a great Season 1 to the surprise of everybody (including Telltale themselves I bet), Season 2 was already signifacntly weaker and Season 3 was dirt. Let the series finally rest in peace and don't try to capitalize on that surprise hit over and over again.

  3. This game reminds me of a video I saw of a whole story that was drawn and animated using tinned spaghetti. But in this case, instead of using tinned spaghetti they've used sphincters.

  4. You know the way telltale said episode 1 and 2 were to long to put into one episode. No it WASN'T!!! Guys do you remember how long season 1 episodes use to be they were like 2h this season is 1h 20m

  5. The game is garbage, terrible optimizing, Javi is really annoying character, its not about clementine anymore. i have been running into some glitches, and some really akward moments. Episodes are way too damn short. So its not TOTAL garbage, but worst walking dead they have ever made, i would give it 510

  6. You'll be at 300k subs soon, can never understand why you get ANY thumbs down, the bearded shaman of gaming rules, hoping to see you overtake IGN and Gamespot one day

  7. Weird I didn't have as much frame issues as the last telltale games I've played. Maybe it just varies from playthrough to playthrough. My only problem is that they should take some time to upgrade their engine. They keep pumping out good games with great stories but the engine is holding thier games back.

  8. Some major POS dropped a major spoiler for TW3 for this on a TWD2 forum the week it was released. Still TRIGGERED!!! Waiting for a sale day now anyway.

  9. Didn't like the illusion of choice. If you refuse to go with Kate, you end up with David in the end. If you agree to run away with Kate, you still end up with David in the end.

  10. Unfortunately Javier doesn't even come close to either Lee or Clem, he's bland as fuck, it eludes my comprehension how such a team could create such a lifeless character, seriously, when I was playing, I intentionally did everything to expose him to danger and keep Clem safe, but alas, the fucker has to stay alive whatever you do. It's a tough sell, even for fans.

  11. both the tv series and the telltale games are horrible plotwise.
    the telltale games also have fake decision making and horrible performance issues.
    i just think telltale should focus on crafting a good game for once instead of a david cage rip off game.
    cuz david cage games are already bad as they are

  12. lmao I just got an ad from "blaze battle" a mobile game.

    it just literally had a small section of the screen devoted to some bombshell blond in a bathing suit top and bottoms on, TOTALLY unrelated to the game, or the ad for the game.

    it worked tho. I actually watched the whole ad. not sure what the game is about tho….

  13. Nice review. Subbed. Something I am wondering about. Season 2 the game had two endings. How does Season 3 take that into account? From where does it start with Clementine's story?

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