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Toukiden 2 Review


Toukiden 2 Review


  1. For those who think I may have spoiled any story plots don't worry I only described the very basic of it and within the first 10 min but trust me there is some major things that happen in the game in which I wont disclose

  2. i like this game but there´s also a lot of improvement needed.
    the most disappointing part on gameplay is,

    -too stiff
    -not on precise timing on performing dodge, guard, counter-attack, and parry.
    -story is too short and can finish within 4 hours(of course skip those subtitle and cut-scenes)
    -no tactical strategy just slash slash, fire fire, smash smash
    -no team fight just hit the monster until he died

    -precise timing
    -make it harder to make it worthy buy because gamers this day is different.
    -a feature where tactical and team coordination is needed
    -every dash, sprint, slash, smash and shot(optional) is limited or stamina/focus may require
    that´s all(i think)

  3. can i play it coop with my friend all the time`? You know – We get the same missions complete and the story goes on for both of us etc. Or is it just for some time etc?

  4. The cut seems look really awesome, the story interesting but the gameplay (just from the footage I saw here) seems really generic and un-imaginative

  5. Finally found a reviewer that isn't payed to give it a 10 out of 10 thanks for the awesome review! Earned one sub

  6. Is there any reason to play this instead of Nioh, which appears to deliver everything this has but in a more nuanced, polished, tactically-appealing-skill-driven combat? It just looks like if Nioh had a precursor that came out 10 years ago.

  7. Should I buy this? I played a game called ragnorok odyssey ace and I this game looks similar.

  8. in the online multiplayer, do each player get to carry their companions with them? like example 4 players each person carrying 1 companion with them so total = 8 people on the battlefield. or its just going to be 4 players?

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