Home Playstation Forum Where can I buy resident evil for ps2 in Jacksonville Florida?

Where can I buy resident evil for ps2 in Jacksonville Florida?


I want to get into the resident evil games and I heard re zero doesn’t have much to do with the storyline, it mainly starts at resident evil and I went on Gamestops website and searched it but have not found it. I will continue looking but if u know where please tell me!

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  1. RE4 was the first in the franchise made for the PS2. 1-3 are from the previous generation of systems, primarily the PS1.

  2. Resident Evil 0 is for Gamecube, not PlayStation.

    Resident Evil 1 through 3 are PS1 games and probably not for sale anymore anywhere other than second hand stores. They are available on the PlayStation Network as downloadable games for PS3 and PSP/Vita.

  3. First of all, you have to understand that many of the RE games is ported to only a few certain specific consoles.

    Secondly, if you are referring to the original RE game, then it is only available in the PS one format and PSN download. I mean, you can definitely play the game for PS2 if you have a copy of the game because of the PS2 backwards capability.

    RE: 0 is more of a prequel, so it in a way, it does kind of play a part of the story line. That game itself just basically explains what events had happened that eventually lead up to the original game’s storyline.

    Anyways, Gamestop wouldn’t have the original copy of RE because it’s a 16 year old game. So obviously they wouldn’t continue to sell games from out of date date systems. And if you were trying to find RE: 0 at Gamestop, then you might be able to find a Wii copy.

    Anyways, your best chance to find a copy of original RE, then I recommend going to these places:

    Local: Pawnshops, individually owned game store

    Online: Craigslist, eBay, Amazon and any other very popular online stores that you can trust.

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