Home Xbox Forum why does my xbox keep overheating? 2 rings?

why does my xbox keep overheating? 2 rings?


it’s pissing me off. everytime i’m in a match in call of duty, my xbox just turns off and 2 red rings keep blinking until i have to manually get up and press the button so it can shut off. at first i thought it was the cable that had the red, yelllow, and white because it was torn up! then i replaced it last week and it was fine until today it keep overheating like every 15 minutes.

-why is it doing that?

-what can i do to prevent it?

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  1. It is a little bit of work if you’re not used to the kind of work, but you can open it up and “mod” the fan to give it a little more kick to help keep the 360 cool. I also suggest doing the x-clamp fix.

    Fan Mod tutorial: [url is not allowed]

    Xclamp fix: [url is not allowed]

  2. 2 rings means it over heats. I give you two options.

    One option is that you place the xbox in a open area so it won’t heat up, and if its already in an open area theres option 2, which is

    Take the xbox apart and unscrew the gpu, reapply the gpu with artic silver 5 paste and rehook everything back together. Its not hard at all, look on youtube.

    Anyway 2 rings means that it overheats and that i’m almost 100 percent sure if it keeps overheating when u put it in a open space that the xbox is going to have to come apart.

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