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Xbox 360 in a hotel Wireless network (or wired)?


Ok i don’t know how i can connect my xbox 360 to a network that looks to be unsecured but requires you to “login” via a web-page. How can i do this with my xbox 360 so when i am at a hotel, or my schools network i can connect to xbox live.

If the connection required the password when connecting it would be easy, but i need to open a web-page in order to sign in.

thanks in advance!

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  1. You may not want to connect to an unsecured network , as you could get the possibility of being hacked. But take the risk if you want.

  2. You have to go ask the front desk for login info. Since you’re a guest, it should be free, but some places love tk charge for everything.

  3. well just hope it has an open connection, if not and your wireless witch most hotels are, you go to system info and network setings and find the hotels connetion by the name and if they have the pass word enter it and vua-la you got xbox live

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